For Not Hitting?!!

thank youI have a boss.  More specifically, I have a wanna-be boss.  If given free-reign, Kirsten will tell me who to talk to, where to sit, when to sleep, how to brush my teeth, even what to say.

I get it.  Living with internal chaos makes her want to control the external.  I can be patient.  Even play along to some extent.

This does, however, create certain challenges.  None more-so than her telling me what to say.

…and it all has to do with the pronouns.  You see, she reverses them.  Which might be okay if she always reversed them.  Or not…

Let me explain.  We have:

The simple

Always reversed… K: “You’re the best girl ever!”  I’ve got this one figured out.  This is my cue to tell her, “Yes Kirsten, you ARE the best girl ever!”  Easy peasy.

The confusing

Sometimes reversed… K: “You can go to the store.”  Me: “You want me to go to the store?”  K: “You go to the store.”  Me: “Kirsten go to the store or mom go to the store?”  K: “Kirsten go to the store.”  Got it!

The not so nice!

Then there is the oh, sooo unfortunate.  K: “Thank you for not hitting me.”  I am not kidding.  Kirsten says this.  Out in public.  Frequently.

Two thoughts immediately come to mind:  1) Everyone within earshot is now thinking about calling CPS, and 2) Kirsten, in this very moment, is so frustrated that she wants to hit me!

And so I act quickly.  Me: (spoken at least 2 decibels above Kirsten’s voice) “Yes Kirsten.  Thank you for not hitting me!” …Immediately followed by the creation of a quick-exit plan.  Disaster averted!

Never a dull moment in the world of Kirsten…

Your turn!  Does your child reverse pronouns? …lead to confusion?!

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3 Responses

  1. Tara Black says:

    I wouldn’t say Megan reverses pronouns…she more often talks in the third person…and responds better if you talk in the third person as well…she does sometimes get the ‘today and yesterday mixed up…but she always knows what ‘tomorrow’ means…

    We actually used to call days ‘suns’..the sun comes up and then the sun goes down…suns…2 suns , 5 suns, etc…until she got that notion of time down and we were able to go to ‘days’ instead…

    Anyone else have ‘time’ issues?

  2. Leah says:

    This had me remembering just this Monday K came to school with a bruise on her arm.
    I asked her “what happened”? K said “Aunt Tammy hit me.”
    Knowing K, I asked again, “did K hit you or did Aunt Tammy”. She admitted the truth. “K hit” she said with a smirk.
    Good thing I have read through this, otherwise I would be calling
    CPS on Aunt Tammy :)