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Celebrate WHAT?

I ask: “Kirsten, what is this? Did you cut your hair?” Kirsten’s rapid response, “Miss Emily did it.” Me: “Miss Emily cut your hair?” K: “Yes.” Me: “Did Miss Emily cut your hair or did Kirsten do it?” (eliminating her ‘just-select-the-last-item’ default response). K: “Miss Emily cut it.”

Incredulous, I asked for clarification a couple more times and Kirsten stuck to her story. No signs of deception. And she NEVER lied! Her teacher must have cut her hair. Not that I’m upset. I mean, if her amazing teacher wants to work hair maintenance into the curriculum, who am I to question?

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Spare Change

Autism in the community – “A homeless man just asked Kirsten for spare change and she showed him her bus pass. Funny girl!” ;)

I know it can be scary...

Desperate Times Call For…

K: “No, you can’t put the timer in the toilet.” It seemed such an innocent; such a benign statement at the time. Me: “No Kirsten, you can’t put the timer in the toilet.” K: “That’s too dangerous.” Me: Yes. That’s too dangerous. You can’t put the timer in the toilet.” We went round-and-round like this for months. Until… the toilet didn’t flush so well. Exactly. Everybody just take a deeeeep breath.

Autism Friendship

Dig a Little Deeper

Some of the most engaging people in this world don’t think or act like you and me. If you take the time to dig a little deeper, you may just discover the funny, bright, caring, unique individual that IS. Lucky girl. She’s got it figured out.

Autism prepositions

Playing with Prepositions

While visiting Sea World —

K: “Tomorrow I went to Sea World yesterday” or…

K: “Yesterday I am going to Sea World tomorrow.”

I know, right?!! For someone that has difficulty processing language, she’s got this one down! Messing with my mind… that’s what she’s doing. Messing with my mind…



Yes, when you have a child with autism life can be stressful, isolating, scary, last-straw x1000, I’m-running-away-from-home difficult. It can also be hilarious, rewarding, never-a-dull-moment, joyous, intriguing, laugh-out-loud-funny. And THAT is what this website is all about.