Sick Day

Here I sit… waiting for the call.  Hoping beyond hope it doesn’t come.  You see, it’s Kirsten’s first day back to school.  She has been out for SEVEN days.  S-E-V-E-N.  I love that girl.  I really do.  But Sick-Kirsten is…  well… she’s a meanie!  She spends her time just looking for a reason to start a knock-down-drag-out fight.

Not me girly.  I’m smarter than that!  The answer is yes.  What is the question?  Don’t care.  Buy new sheets? Yes!  Clothes in the garbage? Of course!  Cookies for dinner? Why not?!  Disneyland on Saturday?  Can’t wait!  Why?  Why???  Because that’s not really the question!

When Kirsten was little she had ONE demand.  “No black pants!”  This was her mantra.  I would tell her… show her… “You don’t have any black pants!” This resulted in an even louder and more insistent, “No black pants!”  The older and much wiser me (…or is that wiser and much older) realizes – I didn’t hear her!  Not that volume was the problem.  Definitely not that.  It all came down to one teeny tiny translation.  In Kirsten-speak:

“No black pants!” = “I am stressed!”

What a revelation – I can work with that!!  Now the question is why.  Why is she stressed?  Over-excited about upcoming event? Talk about it!  Too many people around? Vacate the premises!  Heating up? Ice water!  Music unpleasant? Change the station!  And our current winner… Sick??? Medicine! Comfort! Appease!  …and remember, “This too shall pass.”

Your turn! How does your child communicate?

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