Rules Start Here!

Know the RulesI suppose we all have them.  Rules, that is.  As a nation we vote on them (seatbelts required!), as a society we decide on them (no eating off strangers plates!), as a family we form them (underwear is NOT to be discussed at the dinner table!), and as an individual we create them (No sharing drinks!).  I get it.  Not that Kirsten is all that big on following these rules.  And that can be a problem.

An even bigger problem is that Kirsten is a mastermind at creating her own rules!  We have the ‘One-pair’ rule, ‘Two-stop’ rule, ‘No ‘no” rule, ‘Time is non-negotiable’ rule, ‘Calendars are magical’ rule, ‘Keep moving!’ rule, ‘No-more-Oprah’ rule, ‘Seasonal clothing’ rule, ‘Patterns are to be followed’ rule, ‘No black pants!’ rule, ‘Neat and tidy’ rule, ‘Daily outing’ rule, …and that’s just a small sampling!

I’m convinced these rules are a way for Kirsten to feel some semblance of control.  To break them causes varying amounts of anxiety.  And anxiety leads to …not a pretty picture.  Exactly.  So I accept the fact that we will have a few (hah!) extra rules in our house.  I’d just like to have a little say in what they will be…

To invoke veto power, identifying these rules early on is KEY.  So, me being a smarty (okay, fine… me having learned the hard way…), I am vigilant regarding any newly formed rules.  I will resist the practice if:

1) It is dangerous (seatbelts are NOT optional!)

2) It is unmanageable (I WISH writing ‘new house’ on the calendar made it so!)

If Kirsten’s Law passes my litmus test, I am perfectly willing to abide. 

  • It may require extra diligence to leave for the school bus at 9:02 (not 9:01:59 or 9:02:01. Don’t even THINK about suggesting such a thing). 
  • It may require extra planning while shopping as we must keep moving, select no-more-than 5 items, and exit quickly (thank God for self-checkouts!). 
  • And it may require extra laundry-time as clothing items are only to be worn ONCE …even if only worn for 5 minutes. 

Yes, I am a good citizen in the world of Kirsten. 

Your turn!  Do you have a rule-maker in your home?

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4 Responses

  1. Tara Black says:

    Megan doesn’t have rules per say…but she does try to bargain with you about anything that she doesn’t really want to do. Like if you put 5 pieces of broccoli on her plate, she will ask to eat only two, so we do the 5 pieces or 10 pieces…5 always wins out. Imagine that. hehehe…

    • Autism Makes Me Laugh | Tammy says:

      What? No rules??? I’m at a loss for words! Love your bargaining technique. :)

  2. Nirith says:

    Pre-shopping rule… If there is one item left, you better finish it. This is the signal that you need to go to BJ’S. THIS RULE IS RELEVANT TO ALL CITIZENS, not only those who live in Newton.

    Shopping rule… If there is one watermelon left and it happens that you walk by, you should immediately purchase it. This is so that 1) you will be a better citizen and 2) this item is not soooooo sad sitting there all alone!!!

    Now people are well educated here in MA. They always finish their carrot and other veggies so that we can all go shopping!!! Nice rule don’t you think? It promotes good economy and keeps the country running!!

  3. Anapatricia says:

    I can’t imagine her with no rules, because I have known her with them. She is such a happy girl when she has rules and structure. It allows that beautiful girl to come out of her shell.