Autism Makes Me Laugh

Autism Teaching Me

In Training

Parents take note!  Kirsten has discovered a very effective way to get your children to pick up after themselves.  Unfortunately for me, I would be considered ‘the child’ in this scenario. Okay, here’s the plan: ...

Autism Think Different

So Close!!!

♥        ♥        ♥        ♥        ♥        ♥ Kirsten is at school. This is how she left her current project.  See the dot? How many of YOU could walk away with that TINY dot undone?!

Autism Hitting

For Not Hitting?!!

I have a boss.  More specifically, I have a wanna-be boss.  If given free-reign, Kirsten will tell me who to talk to, where to sit, when to sleep, how to brush my teeth, even...


Sick Day

Here I sit… waiting for the call.  Hoping beyond hope it doesn’t come.  You see, it’s Kirsten’s first day back to school.  She has been out for SEVEN days.  S-E-V-E-N.  I love that girl. ...

Thank You

Mr. Waiter

Thank you, Mr. Waiter, for your extraordinary service.  No, I’m not referring to your pleasant manner or attention to details.  I am referring to the dignity and respect you provided my daughter. I’m sure...

Be Polite

That’s a Nice Lady!

ALL parents have dealt with this… the small child that insists on pointing out human oddities.  In public.  Using their outside voice.  This is commonly followed by mom whispering some version of you-will-not-embarrass-me-like-that-in-public! into...

Mom cropped2

Love You Too!

Do you see it? Look closer! I discovered this on our back door. I’m not sure when she wrote this… how long it took me to notice… Homage to me! Three little letters: M-O-M....

Know the Rules

Rules Start Here!

I suppose we all have them.  Rules, that is.  As a nation we vote on them (seatbelts required!), as a society we decide on them (no eating off strangers plates!), as a family we...

Autism Friend

Aunt Tammy

I asked her, “Kirsten, how about you call me Mom?” K: “Aunt Tammy.” Me: “But I reeeeally want you to call me Mom.” K: no response. Me: “Pleeeaase call me Mom?” K: “Okay. Mom.” Me: “Thank you Kirsten, that makes me so happy!”

2 minutes later…

K: “Just pretend Aunt Tammy?”

Autism Love

Best Day Ever!

You should see her glow when I tell her how special she is; how capable and funny and smart and nice. You should see it! Of course there are rough times in our home. Times when she needs redirection, a stern word, even a strong arm. A lot of them. Enough to crush anyone’s spirit if I weren’t filling her head with how loved she is at every opportunity.