Mr. Waiter

Thank YouThank you, Mr. Waiter, for your extraordinary service.  No, I’m not referring to your pleasant manner or attention to details.  I am referring to the dignity and respect you provided my daughter.

I’m sure you knew immediately there was something different; something unusual about my beautiful girl.  Her unique mannerisms and reluctance to interact were evident.  Her language can be difficult to understand, and you can see she prefers to have me do her talking.

But I thank you, Mr. Waiter, for moving beyond all of that and seeing her as a unique individual deserving of your attention.  What did you do differently?  You talked to her.  This is a FIRST.  Over the years we have had plenty of kind waiters/waitresses.  And inevitably they defer to me when asking about her needs.

Did you do that?  Were you put-off by her reluctance to interact or her difficulty expressing herself?  Her unclear language?  Not for a moment.  You, Mr. Waiter, asked her, “Do you want more strawberry lemonade?”  K: “Strawberry lemonade.”  Mr. Waiter: “Do you want me to bring you more lemonade?”  K: “Yes.”  Mr. Waiter: “I’ll bring it right out to you.”

This may seem a small thing to you, Mr. Waiter.  This was probably just another moment in your busy day.  For me this was reason to celebrate.  Which gave me two reasons to celebrate.  For you see, this was Kirsten’s 21st birthday.

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3 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    This was overwhelminly emotional for me. I think you’re fabulous.

  2. nirith says:

    This is a very nice story.
    When we go to a restaurant I always make sure that Neri gets a menu too. And when it comes the time to say to the waiter what our choice is I always say, “Neri you go first… I still need a min or two to think…”
    creating a situation where the waiter cannot ignore my son. And there are other places that we go often so the owner also comes out and asks, “How are you Neri?” One of them has Neri’s painting on his wall for everybody to see and he remembers that Neri’s birthday is on Hanukah.