Hello? Hello?!

Autism Sound SensitivitySometimes the complications that come along with life on the spectrum are, well… interesting.  You start with one issue:  Hearing sensitivity.  Add a sprinkling of anxiety.  A little aptitude for technology.  And what do you have? 

Not nice…

Kirsten + Phone + Me

The phone rings.  A soft, melodic “meditation” tone chosen with Kirsten in mind.  Soothing, right?  Apparently not.  As soon as the first note plays, the race is on.  Who can get there first?!!

Me: “Noooooooooo!!!” …as I lunge across the room.

Kirsten: Being younger and more agile, arrives on target, identifies the “slide to answer” and **swipe** …open phone line.

Our world is now connected with our caller’s world.  Friend?!  Telemarketer?  Work calling me in for an extra shift?  That long-lost relative I’ve been avoiding?  Oooh… the possibilities!

I muster up my best “I’m so happy to hear from you!” voice and say, “Hello?!!” 

While headed to the other room, of course.  Assuming I want to hear anything other than, “Mom’s too loud. Stop talking. Get off the phone. Mom leaving.”  Assuming… (mentally calculating the reasons to stay!)

Unfortunately, this is NOT the only scenario…

Kirsten + Phone – Me

In those moments I’m NOT in the room – she will race there just the same.  Answer the call and head right back to what she was doing.  Which leaves the phone line open.  And the caller: “Hello?  Hello??!”

…Sometimes resulting in the sneaky caller that decides to listen in for a while.  A little disconcerting to look over and find the image of a newly-discovered guest on your phone.  Mind racing back… now what have I been saying?! (Reason #5 to always talk nice.)

Friends who know us well will do their best to get through:  “Hello?  Hello??!  Kirsten?  Hi Kirsten!  KIRSTEN HONEY… GO GET YOUR MOM!!!  Honey, it’s ME!!  Kirsten!  Kirsten??!”  Now aware that simply answering the call didn’t end that blasted noise, Kirsten heads back to **tap**  End Call.  Niiiicccceee.

As fun as this has all been… I am happy to report that it may be coming to an end!


Apple’s new iPhone – oh, the implications.  A fingerprint sensor?!  She was much too observant for the code-entry lock out.  But a fingerprint sensor?  Let’s see her get around this one! 

Hello to my oh-so-patient friends… adiós telemarketers… arrivederci creepy eavesdroppers…  my long-lost shall now remain so!

I’m off to the Apple Store.  I’ll be the crazy-lady hugging all the salespeople. :)

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