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Autism Love

Love Runs Deep

Found myself in a local food court observing a father carefully, patiently, and with great love, feed his disabled teenage daughter. It was a truly beautiful sight. She was strapped into a wheelchair, unable to control...

Autism Grump

Out with the Grump!

Kirsten’s always worried she will have to stay home from school.  In fact, the question “Are you okay?” in reference to ANYTHING (she bumps her knee, coughs, looks angry) brings on a tirade of...

Autism Coping

Hello? Hello?!

Sometimes the complications that come along with life on the spectrum are, well… interesting.  You start with one issue:  Hearing sensitivity.  Add a sprinkling of anxiety.  A little aptitude for technology.  And what do you...

Autism Repeating

Repeat… Repeat… Re

Warning: This post contains a large amount of repeating. Anyone still clinging to their sanity STOP reading now and move on.  All others prepare for a been there, done that moment…  Let me preface...

Autism Fog

Coincidence? I Think Not!

When 7 years old, Kirsten’s language was still limited to requests:  “Get a snack?”, “Oh, apple?”, “Ice cream?”  The fewer words it took to get her point across, the better.  However, occasionally she would...

Autism Friend

Aunt Tammy

I asked her, “Kirsten, how about you call me Mom?” K: “Aunt Tammy.” Me: “But I reeeeally want you to call me Mom.” K: no response. Me: “Pleeeaase call me Mom?” K: “Okay. Mom.” Me: “Thank you Kirsten, that makes me so happy!”

2 minutes later…

K: “Just pretend Aunt Tammy?”

Autism Love

Best Day Ever!

You should see her glow when I tell her how special she is; how capable and funny and smart and nice. You should see it! Of course there are rough times in our home. Times when she needs redirection, a stern word, even a strong arm. A lot of them. Enough to crush anyone’s spirit if I weren’t filling her head with how loved she is at every opportunity.