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Autism Empathy

Mom is Best?!

I’m sure she’s lying.  And although it’s not the first time (this is!), it’s still rare.  Another check in the box for developmental achievements.  This time she took it one step further…   It’s common...

Autism calm

Talk Calm!

Kirsten makes her requests ready for a fight.  Her tone and body language yelling: “You better not say no and I know you are going to say no so I am already mad because...

Autism self regulation

Too Much Fun!

“Too much fun.”  A misnomer, right?  Not in Kirsten’s world!  Too much fun is a problem.  It sends her heart racing, fills her with anxiety, and before you know it she’s in full-blown fight-or-flight...

Autism love

Ferris Wheels Rock!!!

Regressive autism is strange.  One day Kirsten is there, talking, looking me in the eye, even joking.  And the next day she is gone.  So where did she go??? How could it be that...


Celebrate WHAT?

I ask: “Kirsten, what is this? Did you cut your hair?” Kirsten’s rapid response, “Miss Emily did it.” Me: “Miss Emily cut your hair?” K: “Yes.” Me: “Did Miss Emily cut your hair or did Kirsten do it?” (eliminating her ‘just-select-the-last-item’ default response). K: “Miss Emily cut it.”

Incredulous, I asked for clarification a couple more times and Kirsten stuck to her story. No signs of deception. And she NEVER lied! Her teacher must have cut her hair. Not that I’m upset. I mean, if her amazing teacher wants to work hair maintenance into the curriculum, who am I to question?