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But It’s Gooorgeous!

After a heavy rain, we had the most beautiful site! This picture doesn’t do it justice. Who doesn’t love a rainbow, right?! Well… apparently Kirsten… Me: “Kirsten, come see the rainbow!” K: “No.” Me:...

Autism Think Different

So Close!!!

♥        ♥        ♥        ♥        ♥        ♥ Kirsten is at school. This is how she left her current project.  See the dot? How many of YOU could walk away with that TINY dot undone?!

Mom cropped2

Love You Too!

Do you see it? Look closer! I discovered this on our back door. I’m not sure when she wrote this… how long it took me to notice… Homage to me! Three little letters: M-O-M....

shutterstock_99855551 with credit

Spare Change

Autism in the community – “A homeless man just asked Kirsten for spare change and she showed him her bus pass. Funny girl!” ;)

Autism prepositions

Playing with Prepositions

While visiting Sea World —

K: “Tomorrow I went to Sea World yesterday” or…

K: “Yesterday I am going to Sea World tomorrow.”

I know, right?!! For someone that has difficulty processing language, she’s got this one down! Messing with my mind… that’s what she’s doing. Messing with my mind…