True Friends

Autism FriendsIt can be irritating spending time with someone who SHOULD be building a relationship with Kirsten. Someone who SHOULD be hugging her, talking to her, asking her questions …enjoying her.  Sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes they are just not capable.  And it can make me mad.  Frustrated that Kirsten is not getting what she deserves… the life she deserves.

And then I think about all the ways we are blessed.  We have so many people around us that DO love Kirsten.  And not because they are good samaritans.  They truly see the beautiful girl that is.

Maybe it just takes a smarter person …someone who is more socially intelligent.  Someone who can spot that hint of a smile.  Someone who understands that “acting like she doesn’t care” is cover for caring too much.  Someone that sees the girl through the struggle.

We are surrounded by so many of these special people.  People that ask, “How is Kirsten doing?” encourage, “You are such a good mom” and cheer, “She is the best!”  People that interact: “Hi Kirsten, how are you?!”, “Kirsten, did you get new earrings?  So cute!”, “I hear you went on the rollercoaster.  You are brave!”, “Have you been to zumba lately?” 

Kirsten will usually answer “Yes” or repeat back a portion of what they just said.  But these are smart people.  They KNOW a lot more is going on in that head of hers than she is able to get out.  And THAT is who they are connecting with.  See?  Smart…

So today I choose to forget about the not-so-nice and instead focus on all of the supportive, fun, creative, thoughtful, genuine, best-of-the-best people in our lives.  Thank you for your friendship.  And even more, thank you for enriching Kirsten’s life.  Feel it?  Virtual HUG headed your way!

Your turn! Please tell me about someone special in YOUR child’s life!

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4 Responses

  1. Tara Black says:

    And just because they aren’t blood family doesn’t mean that they aren’t family in K’s eyes…God Bless those who actually “get it!”

  2. Traci Clark says:

    gotta love that girl!

  3. nirith says:

    Couldn’t say it better. The message is loud and clear.