Mother’s Intuition

Autism Mothers IntuitionAll those early years of Kirsten requiring constant vigilance have paid off.  Watching for signs of distress so I could act quickly and avoid that looooong-lasting meltdown.  After years of practice,  I’m convinced a little piece of me is always with her… checking in. 

It’s “mother’s intuition” supercharged.  I bet you have it too…

And it’s a good thing because “growing up” is… well… unreliable.  There is no definitive “Kirsten KNOWS not to…” there just isn’t.

I can give you a likelihood: “There is a 75% likelihood that Kirsten will not cut her hair with the scissors.”  Which indicates there is a 25% chance that she will!  Not great odds.  Hide the scissors.

Let’s try another one: “There is a 40% likelihood that Kirsten will not use that available pen to write on the nearest recipe, letter, bill, contract…”  Which indicates there is a 60% chance she will!  Place blank paper near writing instruments and definitely hide that contract.

And one more: “There is a 95% likelihood that Kirsten will not use an available pen to write on herself.”  Which indicates there is a 5% chance she will.  Wow, great odds, right?!  She is a bit of a clean-freak, so has never been a fan of this often-favored activity. However, there was that one time…

ONCE.  Big deal, right?  Don’t all kids write on themselves?  Well, yes.  That’s true.  But she was 18 years old.  And she used a permanent black marker.  PERMANENT.  BLACK. 

Where, you ask?  Palm of her hand?  Forearm?  Thigh?  No.  Kirsten drew a perfectly placed mustache.  Yes, you heard me right.  A mustache.  Charlie Chaplin style.

Now, this might be cute on a 3-year-old.  Maybe even a 4-year-old.  She was 18 people… 18!

Honestly, when I walked into the room and saw her donning that mustache with the black marker still grasped in her guilty not-so-little hand, I wanted to laugh and grab for a camera.  My wiser-self grabbed a soapy washcloth instead. Miracle of miracles, every trace of black came off!

Mother’s intuition my friends.  Mother’s intuition. You see, I’d been downstairs having a conversation with a friend when this little voice said, “Go check on Kirsten.” (No, not an OUT LOUD voice.  Stop looking at me like that.)  I listened.  Learned that the hard way – always listen!

It’s been a few years since that incident, and I believe the odds of Kirsten drawing on herself are down to about 3%.  She now has an entire set of Sharpies that she colors with daily.  It’s only a 3% chance…  Yep, living on the edge.

Your turn!  When has your intuition paid off?

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2 Responses

  1. nirith avraham says:

    Girls girls…funny girls. We had a visit at our house in Israel by another family with a wonderful girl on the spectrum; she is neri’s age; this was when neri was 6 or 7. Neri liked to color and paint since the age of 3-4 so in his playroom there was always paints, pencils, paper and a nice table to work on. ON that table, under the glass, I PLACED FEW OF HIS DRAWINGS and also a portrait I created of his favorite friend from school. The portrait came out great. I WAS PROUD HOW me, the mom that is not an artist, was able to catch this little girls face. What can I SAY, perfect portrait; Neri loved it!! So far good. So Yaeli, this little visitor, spent the afternoon coloring and also guess what… Did she use all the nice white paper? Did she color the walls? Did she color a book that was on the shelve? No you guessed wrong. She felt that to put some nice dark colors on the nice portrait I MADE FOR NERI WAS exactly the piece of art that she needed to work on.

    I WAS NOT happy… but what can you do? NERI HAD TO PUT THE PICTURE of his friend instead and was nice about putting away the messed up mummy drawing. This was my first trial and the last one! Yaeli “destroyed” my chance to become a portrait artist. ha ha ha!!!