Mind Games

Autism Mind GamesI’m convinced Kirsten likes to play mind games with evaluators.  And can you blame her?  It must be annoying to go through life with all of the poking and prodding – people watching your every gesture, assessing your every word.  I think I’d do a little poking back too! 

She will mislead them at every opportunity.  Think you’ve got me pegged?  Not a chance!  Here are a few of my most memorable moments:

Stated Goals: “We are going to teach Kirsten her name.”  Um… Kirsten knows her name, my name, the neighbors’ name, and probably YOUR name…

Stated Goals: “We are going to teach Kirsten three colors.”  So… would that be in-addition-to the box of 64.  Including “Purple Mountain Majesty?”

Kirsten goes into the evaluation with silly putty (to help relieve stress) and comes out chewing.  Me: “What’s in your mouth?  Honey, I told you.  No silly putty in your mouth!”  Evaluator: “Oh, is THAT what that was?”

More recently (and my favorite):

Kirsten’s psychological evaluation states, “During a limited informal interview before starting to test, Kirsten related that she lives with her mother, has no brothers, and has a younger sister who is ten years old.”  News to me!  I better hunt down that sister.  She’s really been neglected…

You can see that as her verbal skills developed over the years, so did her ability to play mind games. Gotta love the ingenuity. You go girl!

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Tell me – how has your child shined during evaluation time??!

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  1. Anapatricia says:

    Oh my gosh. Kirsten has an amazing memory! How can they not see that? …. For example, I’ve known Kirsten for over 5 years. I enjoy her company, and I think it is mutual. about one year ago I bought a new car, this was a German made car different from my old Japanese made car (the buttons are different). When I first got in my German vehicle. I was literally locked in. I could not find the unlock button, And the door handle has to be open twice for it to unlock and then open. On this given day I am driving around with Kirsten in the car and her routine is to lock the doors and then play some music (iPod) immediately after you get in the car. Normally Tammy rides in the front seat and Kirsten in the backseat. this time she was my copilot, and sure enough, it took her about two seconds to lock the doors plug the iPod and off we were. Where was she when I locked myself in! All of this time she has been observing how to do everything in the car!!!! The moral of the story: next time I buy a car she’s coming with me, I’ll just tell the salesman to explain everything to her….