Oooh, the Ingenuity!!!

Autism IngeniousI hide my scissors.  Learned the hard way.  Yep.

Kirsten has an unfortunate history.  When upset, she uses them to cut up her favorite things.  We have lost blankets, skirts, books, and even heads of hair!  Seriously.  

Any idea how long it takes to grow out curly hair?  It has to grow around-and-around-and-around… *Deep breath, Tam..*

My first clue that there is a problem?  A shopping bag tied up and set outside her bedroom door.  Never a good sign.  Her idea of “hiding” the evidence?  Yeah, might want to rethink that one! 

After spotting the recently-sacrificed item, I ask: “What’s in the bag?”  Kirsten blurts out: “Only cut paper!!”  Yes, she knows my opinion regarding this matter.  No confusion there.  Just adhering to the “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” theory.   

It has become a game over the years… a bit of hide-and-go-seek between the scissors and my daughter.  She is much too observant for her own good.  Don’t be mistaken by the averted gaze.  The peripheral vision is amazing.  Inevitably, she spots my hiding attempt and sneaks them out later to do damage.

New rule!  Kirsten will leave the room when I hide scissors.  I know… duh!

Stop the problem?  Not so much! 

After months of Kirsten telling me she wanted a new quilt, I found the old one torn to shreds.  Subtle, Kirsten…  When I asked her what she used to cut it up, she brought me a seam-ripper.  I had to appreciate the ingenuity!  Besides that… how much patience, persistence, and manual dexterity did that require?!  (Yeah… you know you’re an autism parent if you’re cataloging skills after a similar infraction…)

And then there’s the haircut using nail clippers.  If only I could get her to use her powers for good…

So let’s see.  The currently hidden-items list includes: scissors, nail clippers, seam rippers, her favorite skirt she’s been repeating about lately, matches/lighter, the key used to turn the gas fireplace on, super glue, duct tape (don’t ask), blow dryer, and any papers I don’t want artistically enhanced.  That’s the short-list.

Oooh… the fun never ends… :)

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4 Responses

  1. Tara Black says:

    God Bless your patience!! And your own memory for being able to remember that you have hid your stuff!!

    • Autism Makes Me Laugh | Tammy says:

      Oh Tara – I never said that! You should see me… “Now WHERE did I hide the (insert-item-here)?!” :)

      • Tara Black says:

        I hear ya…I usually have to ask Megan where her stuff is…especially her ‘special’ stuff…she has gotten pretty good at answering me when I have to ask her where something she asks for is…like during bathroom time…she never gets the movie or book before she goes in there for a shower…she waits and asks after she is naked and can’t go get the item(s) herself. Then I am like…is it on the desk or in your bedroom…BEDROOM…(ok) on your bed or the floor (FLOOR)…sighs…ok…I’ll be right back…Thank God for her memory… :^)