Out with the Grump!

Autism GrumpKirsten’s always worried she will have to stay home from school.  In fact, the question “Are you okay?” in reference to ANYTHING (she bumps her knee, coughs, looks angry) brings on a tirade of “school tomorrow!”

So whenever she got a cold, the girl panicked.  I’d calmly explain, “It’s okay to go to school with a cold.” …which became her mantra. 

K: “Oh go out with a cold?”

Me: “Yes Kirsten, you can go out with a cold.”

K: “Go out with a runny nose?”

Me: “Yes, you just need to bring tissues.”

And so it’s been for years.  Doesn’t matter if her recent flu involves other symptoms.  Doesn’t even matter if no cold is involved!  The accepted mantra has always been, “Go out with a cold? Go to school with a cold?”  Until…

Last week she was out sick and the only *visible* symptom was being very… well… gonna be nice here… grumpy!  So to her panicked questions about school I answered, “It’s okay to go to school grumpy.” 

GRUMPY?!  What a fun word!  Kirsten immediately replaced “cold” with “grump.”  K: “It’s okay go out with the grump.”  Which of course made me laugh!  I didn’t realize the implications until it was said out in public. 

K: “Out with the grump.”  …now shoppers are eyeing ME for attitude!  Wait… what?  WHO is the grump in this scenario?! 

K: “Out with the grump.”  Me: “Yep!”  Nah… not going to explain.  It’s too much fun this way.

Gotta love my girl. :)


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5 Responses

  1. Spectrum Circle says:

    Wayyy too cute

  2. Elisha says:

    I LOVE this. Adorable.

  3. Diane says:

    Baaahaaahaaa!!! That’s tooooo funny! It wouldn’t have dawned on me either.

    R’s the opposite when it came to going to school or “work” now. R: “I’m not feeling well to go to school/work.” Wanna trade??? :D

  4. Tara Black says: