Aunt Tammy

My Name IsThat’s my name.  Aunt Tammy.  Not Mom.  Not Mommy.  Not even Mother.  It’s Aunt Tammy.  And not just ‘Aunt Tammy’ but ‘Aunt Taaammy.’ 

My name changed a couple of months after Kirsten’s cousin moved out.  Her unique way of missing her little friend???!  No problem!  I’ll play along…  I would smile and promptly answer to her requests. 

But after a few days I reeeally wanted my hard-earned title back! 

I asked her, “Kirsten, how about you call me Mom?”  K: “Aunt Tammy.”  Me: “But I reeeeally want you to call me Mom.”  K: no response.  Me: “Pleeeaase call me Mom?”  K: “Okay. Mom.”  Me: “Thank you Kirsten, that makes me so happy!”

2 minutes later…

K: “Just pretend Aunt Tammy?”  And that’s where we are.  Apparently I am officially and forever-more Aunt Tammy.

Update 8/18/13: A couple of months have passed and I’m happy to report the Aunt Tammy to Mom ratio is now about 20:80… that is until Trianna comes for a visit and it reverts to 80:20.  Yep… she loves that girl!  Wondering why Aunt Tammy is never used outside this post? Keeping it simple people… just keeping it simple. :)

How does your child express missing someone?

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6 Responses

  1. Leslie says:

    My 3yo son in the spectrum has yet to call me anything. But, when shown my picture, he gleefully shouts, “Gramma!” Oh well, someday!

    • Autism Makes Me Laugh | Tammy says:

      Your little one sounds so sweet – “Gramma!” :) I hope you don’t have to wait tooo much longer… Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Stacie says:

    My 4 year old with ASD just recently started calling me Mister Stacie instead of Mommy. I don’t know where he came up with that one but it makes me chuckle. Isn’t it funny that the quirks that we were so afraid of in the beginning are now the things we love because it is what makes our children who they are?

    • Autism Makes Me Laugh | Tammy says:

      LOL!!! Oh, that’s priceless. I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one :). Nice to meet you Mister Stacie!

  3. nirith says:

    I love this story. My SON has many nicknames and many words that he likes to chant, something between him and his older brother. The other day we saw on a car plate one of those words and we were amused by that. I said, “Look – someone knows your language written dadawawa!!!”

    When my son knew that he was not doing something he should HAVE, he said, “This is not me, this is Bijry.” Don’t ask me where this name came from – but he was laughing!

    When I wonder why something happened …now that he is 22, he takes full responsability and says, “It’s ok. It can happen… EVEN to Bijry” …and he laughs.

    I wish we could all find a nickname on which we can drop all our little mistakes!

    • Autism Makes Me Laugh | Tammy says:

      He has a good sense of humor!! Let’s all blame our mistakes on Bijry. :)