Epic Fail

Autism angerKirsten set me up.  I should have known better.  What was I thinking?!  I knew her stress level was inching up.  And was smart enough to begin praising her: “Good job being patient Kirsten!”  We were finishing up at our third and final stop for the day.  Actually standing in front of the check-out counter.  So close!  But it was not to be…

I’m blaming the cashier.  Her fault.  She was distracting me.  Asking how my day was… did I want a bag… requesting payment.  So unreasonable. 

Of course Kirsten is going to choose THIS moment to trip me up.  Typical! 

Kirsten: “Give the skirt to the Goodwill in June 2014.” 

Sounds simple enough, right?  Except… Kirsten has a skirt obsession.  She draws them, googles them, shops for them, eyes them on others, and talks endlessly about them.  They are serious business! 

I really, really, really should have known better.  The answer is NO.  Always NO!  Or better yet, don’t answer at all.  Just ask, “What?  What do you want?”  She’s looking for a fight.  Testing me.

And boy, did I get it wrong.  Epic fail. 

Me: “Sure Kirsten.  You can give it to the Goodwill in June.”  Wait, what?  What did I just say??  I knew immediately this was the wrong answer.  K: “No give the skirt away!  No Goodwill!!” 

Heard about it ALL THE WAY to the car.  Why, oh why, did I park so far away?!!   

Just giving the people something to talk about…

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Your turn!  When have YOU given the people something to talk about?!

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2 Responses

  1. JUSTINE says:

    I learned MANY years ago that no does not always mean no. It can simply be a way of getting more time while the person processes the question. A no answer requires no movement while a yes has many, many ramifications. Something as simple as asking if the person ( I do not use the word child intentionally as this applies to all ages) wants an ice cream cone can get a no answer. Yes means change even if it is for something good. Once the person has thought it through and figured out that the change may be ok or has asked a few questions the answer may change….by this time it could be winter. I think that more of us need to be less impulsive and give thought to questions and their answers.

    • Autism Makes Me Laugh | Tammy says:

      I definitely needed to give more thought to K’s question and my answer in this case!