Mom is Best?!

Autism EmpathyI’m sure she’s lying.  And although it’s not the first time (this is!), it’s still rare.  Another check in the box for developmental achievements. 

This time she took it one step further…  

It’s common for me to ask Kirsten about her favorites.  Goes like this: “What was the best part of today?” or “Which food is better, pizza or ice cream?” or “What’s your favorite color?”  Mundane questions?  Sure.  But I get her thinking.  I let her know her opinion matters.  And I’m creating conversation.  Win. Win. Win. 

Sometimes I just like to stir the pot… 

Me: “Who do you like better, Mom or LeeAnn?”  Her immediate, exuberant response?  “LeeAnn!!!”  Me: (laughing) “Really? LeeAnn is better?”  K: “Yes. LeeAnn is best.”  Followed by several repetitions of “LeeAnn tomorrow?! See LeeAnn tomorrow?!!”

I knew what the answer would be… 

When she will see LeeAnn next is K’s absolute favorite topic.  That’s the very reason I asked.  Her brutal honesty is so rare, so refreshing, in our world of carefully coifed conversation.  Just couldn’t resist!

The next morning I teasingly sent K off with a “Bye, have fun with your favorite person today!” 

Which must have got her thinking, because the next time I asked her, “Who is better, Mom or LeeAnn?” she answered, “Mom.”  Exactly like that.  Monotone.  Expressionless.  A stark contrast to her “LeeAnn!!!” from the day before.  Me: “It’s okay honey. You can say LeeAnn!”  K: “Just Mom.”

What?  Lying to save my feelings???!  Do you even KNOW how big that is?!  (Hey, slow it down. You’re going to hurt your neck nodding like that.) 

Not only did she read what I might be feeling… how what she said could impact me… but she responded in a socially appropriate way!

My suspicions were confirmed this morning when it was time to meet LeeAnn.  My usually slow-moving (anxiety-ridden) girl LEAPT over the bushes, ran for the gate, swung it open, and off she went! 

Yep.  I’m sure she’s lying.  And I’m thrilled.

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6 Responses

  1. Diane says:

    “Just mom.” Baaahaaahaaa! Oh btw…I’ll be sending you my chiropractor’s bill for my sore neck. ;P

  2. Jen says:

    Absolutely a Great read and Love you sharing the ups, downs and the laughs!
    #AutismRocker. <3

  3. Tara Black says:

    ROFLMBO!!! Megan is still in the brutally honest phase….but sometimes when I tell her something she doesn’t want to hear, I get a “Huuhhhhh?!!??” with that little up sweeping tone to make it a question…I am like..’I know you heard me girl’…lol…

    • Autism Makes Me Laugh | Tammy says:

      Typical teen there!! –> “Huuhhhhh?!!??” :)

      Kirsten is going to have to improve her acting skills for this new empathy-thing to work. Just a *little* transparent!