Best Day Ever!

Autism LoveYou should see her glow when I tell her how special she is; how capable and funny and smart and nice. You should see it! Of course there are rough times in our home. Times when she needs redirection, a stern word, even a strong arm. A lot of them. Enough to crush anyone’s spirit if I weren’t filling her head with how loved she is at every opportunity. Here are some of her favorites (and I know this because she repeats them often!):

You’re the best girl eeeever!

I’m so glad you’re my daughter! ♥ Thank you for being my daughter.

You are soooo smart!

Kirsten, you’re so cool ♥ You’re a cool kid.

Kirsten, you are so brave.

You work so hard.  Your teacher tells me what a hard worker you are.  I’m so proud of you!

(After arriving from school)  I’m so glad you’re home.  I missed you!

(Before spring break)  Next week I get you all to myself.  I don’t have to share you with school!

And Kirsten’s personal favorite:

Do you know what was the best day eeever?  (Insert birth date here).  That’s when YOU came out of my tummy and I said, “YES, Kirsten’s here!  Yes!  I’m soooo happy!!!”

…often followed up with:

I didn’t know who was in there but I was hoping it would be you!

What makes your child feel special?  A wink, secret handshake, meaningful gift, shared outing?

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